HipHopWired Names John Salley to Best NBA Star Turned Actor List

From Ballers Ternt Actors: The 10 Best Actors In NBA History

3. John Salley (Bad Boys, Eddie, Bad Boys II, Black Dynamite & Confessions Of A Shopaholic)

John Salley was always a charismatic player and a natural in front of the camera as was evident from his early days as a player. He became a TV host, stand up comedian and reliable actor. He’s built up enough of a resume between episodic network shows, cable television and Hollywood films to pay the bills strictly as an actor. There’s currently only one former player that gets more work than him and is a better actor.

LA Times – 5 Questions: John Salley Touts the Vegan Life

From the LA Times 11/17/2012

The vegan lifestyle and the lifestyle of professional athletes aren’t often associated with each other. But John Salley, a former NBA star who’s played with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, swears by the strictly animal- and animal-product-free diet he’s taken up since retiring from the game.

Here, he talks about maintaining his energy and ability, the benefits of going vegan and misconceptions.

Why did you decide to become vegan?

Five years ago, I was doing a [public service announcement] for PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] about being vegetarian, and all the food there at the photo shoot was vegan. I suddenly felt like eating anything from an animal wasn’t good for me — I paid attention to what it was doing inside my body. I also wanted my body and libido back from when I was 26, and I got them both.

I went into raw vegan for a while, but I prefer cooked food, the way it smells, the way it feels going through your system.

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Evan Winiker on John Salley: Bull in a Tofu Shop

As published on 11/19/12:

If you’re looking for the most interesting man in the world, avert your eyes from the gruff Dos Equis man, and center them on four time NBA champ-turned TV personality, John Salley.

I promise, the Spider will not disappoint

On an uncharacteristically cloudy Los Angeles afternoon, I sat down with Salley at one of his favorite restaurants, Flore, an organic vegan spot in LA’s hipster mecca Silverlake. Over the course of the two hour lunch, I would come to learn that A) Rush Limbaugh is not a bad dude, B) If you mess with Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley will sucker punch you in the stomach, C) Francis Ford Coppolla has the best cigars, and D) Banana agave smoothies are incredible (The latter of which the Spider sipped throughout the course of our conversation).

Salley, an NBA lifer who was on more important teams than the league’s logo, spent the beginning of his post basketball career gathering emmy nominations with his critically acclaimed show “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”. For his next act, Salley’s chosen a very different venue.

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NBA Champ John Salley Talks Virmax and Men’s Health

Mohr Stories with John Salley

Vegan Vines Feature: John Talks What People Drink

John is featured in the “What People Drink” section of Mutineer Magazine.

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Mutineer Magazine is a fine beverage publication unlike any other you’ve ever read, covering all things fine beverage with an emphasis on wine, beer and spirits. Released in July of 2008, the 44 page magazine quickly grew to a national status with its fifth issue of 84 pages being featured in bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Borders. As informative as it is approachable, Mutineer Magazine will change the way you read about fine beverages.

Honoring Sir Sidney Poitier

John was at a dinner last night that the government of The Bahamas hosted for Sidney Poitier to thank him for his work that he has done on behalf of The Bahamas as an Honorary Ambassador.

Watch footage from the event below.








Video: Nutrition and Eating a Plant-Based Diet

“My message I want everybody to know is: Eat a plant-based diet, or don’t. A plant-based diet keeps you alive, the other diet keeps you in the hospital.”

Watch John Salley as he candidly discusses why he eats a plant-based diet for Holistic Voice.


Audio Clip: John Speaks About All Natural Supplement VIRMAX

Recently I posted about my new partnership with Natural Product Solutions, LLC endorsing VIRMAX, a line of natural oral supplements. As a vegan and someone who pays close attention to what I put in my body, I was excited to learn about VirMAX, and when I found out VirMAX can boost your bedroom game, IContinue Reading

New Video: John Salley Talks About The Vegan Vine Wines

The Vegan Vine Wines is pleased to announce a new partnership with former NBA champion, talk-show host and heath/wellness activist John Salley. Mr. Salley has taken an ownership position in the brand with the goal to educate the vegan and wine drinking community about animal products that are often used in the production of wines.Continue Reading