CES-Hanging with Rohan Marley

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  1. Suzette Egana Lyons says:

    Hi Mr. Salley. Nice photo! I think I want to be you when I grow up….you seem so at peace.

  2. Kelly Fowler says:

    Mr. Salley, my boss just met you at CES and was interested in having you speak at an event at the National Reconnaissance Office. Would you be willing to contact me at fowlerke@nro.mil so that we could discuss the event? Thank you so much!

  3. mary amar says:

    Hi John! It was amazing to see you again at CES. I am very impressed with your approach to creating your own health. I am the massage therapist that did massage for your pilot of the Toasting show you did at the Rio in Las Vegas about 3 yrs ago. I did chair and table, you were my last client the last night of the taping. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. As each of us becomes aware of how we are interacting with each other and our precious Earth, change will happen, and this world will be a much better place. If you come to Vegas, I would love to do your massage again! Peace and prosperity to you….Mary Amar

  4. Blob Blaw says:

    Hey John, saw that you will be on the Kevin Pollak podcast soon. He made a joke recently about Canada “Nicest people ever, . . . but just try and find an African American, that’s all I’m saying”. Ha ha – guess what he has had 150 guests on his show and you will be only the third African American. Funny stuff. Nice guy I’m sure, but just try and find an African American guest on that show. School him on Toronto and Vancouver. Keep doing your great work.

    Original Raptor!!!!

  5. Mark says:

    Peace John met you at Vegfest in Michigan. I’m producing a vegetarian cooking show in L.A. with Chef Daudi and would like you to be a guest. Who do I contact? meproductions@comcast.net

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