Ha Ha Juice




Locally and organically sourced, Ha Ha Juice, has been composed for ultimate healing.

Ingredients: Specifically sourced Aloe, honey, and a bit of tequila for preservation.


1. Renews the blood

2. Strengthens the immune system

3. Detoxifies the gut

4. Regulates body functions

5. Assists with digestive health

6. Improves cellular metabolism

7. Increase energy production

Directions for use: Use product for 10 days. Discontinue use for 10 days and repeat cycle, indefinitely, as needed, or preferred.

For Adults ( Ages 12 and older: One tablespoon 3 times daily, 20 minutes before each meal.

Children: 6-12 year of age: One tablespoon twice daily, 20 minutes before meal.

Ages 6 and under: Consult your physician.

B.E.T.T.A. is only promoting the use of alcohol because it is medicinal in this product. If you have a sensitivity to alcohol just email us and it can be made without it. It will change the potency but it will still be healing for the body! And due to not being able to cut aloe until 4 days after the rain, please understand if there is a delay, as I hand make each batch individually.

without alcohol (optional)


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